This is the easiest way to add manholes to your map too. Here are the steps you'll take to add a Mainline:

1. Click on the Sewer icon to open the Sewer tab for a Sanitary Sewer Mainline, or on the Storm icon to open the Storm tab for a Storm Mainline.

2. Select Mainline

3. Find the start of the mainline segment on the map. Click there.

4. If the mainline segment isn’t completely straight, click on the first point where it curves. Then, following the path of the mainline segment, click on every other point where it curves.

5. Double click the point where the mainline segment ends.

6. On the next page, you can edit the length of the segment or name of the manhole, set the access or end point to Not Clear or Clear, or switch the flow direction. When you’re done, hit Save.

Congrats! You’ve just drawn a Mainline segment. Here's what it looks like on the map:

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