You can now create a map with parcel pins for the addresses you need to inspect. (To learn more about parcel pins, read this article). All you have to do is upload a spreadsheet of those addresses. Here’s how that works:

1. Outside of Unearth, create or acquire your spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet, make sure you have columns with the exact names: Address and City. If your inspection is taking place in a city with a common name such as Springfield or Madison that exists in more than one U.S. state, then make sure you have a column State as well. Adding a column Zip with each address’s zip code can help ensure your addresses are mapped accurately as well. Make sure your spreadsheet is saved as an .xls, .xlsx, or .csv file.

2. Go to your Dashboard. There, click on Add in the upper right, and then on Add From Excel.

3. Click on the center of the window that pops up, select your spreadsheet, and then click on Upload in the lower right of that window.

4. On the window, you’ll now see the addresses that are duplicates; missing a value in one of your Address, City, State, or Zip columns; or have some other potential issue. Click Continue in the lower right.

5. Our software will then look up locations for those addresses. You’ll then see how many addresses were found. You can give your map a name from here too; if you don’t, your map will default to the automatically generated name you see here. Click Done once you’ve entered a name.

6. You’ll then be directed to the map’s People tab. From here you can either give others access to the map, or go to the map itself. To go to the map, click on the View Site button.

When you view your map, you’ll notice it has parcel pins. We’ll be adding the ability for you to add parcel outlines moving forward. For now, you can convert your parcel pins/points into property outlines - learn how in this Help Article.

If you run into any issues or have any questions, please reach out to us at

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