There are a few ways you can edit the addresses on your map. Here, we’ll focus on editing the shape of a 

1. On your map, click on the three dots next to the map name. Then click on Manage Parcels.

2. On your Parcels page, find the property you want to edit, and click on it.

3. Once you’ve clicked on that property, select Edit Polygon from the small pop-up menu. 

4. On the left, you can edit the shape by dragging the outline’s corners. Create a new corner by clicking between two existing ones and then clicking the Plus button, and delete a corner by clicking on the corner and selecting the Trash button. On the right, enter or edit information about the property, such as its address, city, and more.

5. When you’re done making those edits, click on the Done button on the pop-up window on the right side of your screen, or anywhere on the map on the left. Then go back to your main map by clicking on the back button in the upper left.

You’ll be able to review the changes that you’ve made by viewing the parcel or clicking on it from the main map, or by returning to the Parcels page. If you run into any issues or have any questions, please reach out to us at

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