You can edit any asset that has been added to the map (except for View-Only and Limited users). That includes the asset’s location, and information about the asset.

To edit information about the asset directly, see our article on Forms in Unearth.
To move where the asset is, start by going to the asset’s Form page. To do that, you can either click on the asset on the map and then on View Info, or on the card for that asset in your Activity Feed on the left side of your screen. From there, you can do one of two options:

1. Manually move the asset’s icon. From the Form page, click on the asset. You’ll see a small circle appear below the icon if it’s a point, or at its corners if it’s a line or polygon shape. Click and drag that circle to the asset’s new location. This will change any information you have about the asset in the Form as well, such as latitude and longitude.

2. Set a new latitude and longitude for the asset if you have that as a field in the asset’s Form. To do that, scroll on the Form until you find the latitude and longitude fields, then enter in the new coordinates. You have this ability for all point assets, not assets that are a line or polygon.

When you’re done, click the Done button in the lower right of the Activity Feed. Your asset will have been saved and will appear on the map in its new location.

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