Lines and shapes can be added to the map in a few quick steps, and can represent different types of assets that you’ll add to your map depending on the Unearth toolkit you use. You can use text to label any asset on the map, or as a standalone asset. Here’s how you get that all onto your map.

1. Click on the plus button in your taskbar on the left of your screen.

2. Find the section that contains the line and shape type of assets. This may be labeled “Annotations”. Click on what you want to draw.

3. Click on your site’s map to create the starting point for your line or shape. If you’re adding text, this is where the text will appear; you’ll enter the text after this.

4. If you’re drawing a line or shape, click on the next point on the line or shape once. Where you want the line to end, click twice; once you’ve drawn the vertex on the shape, click the first point you drew again.

5. The Form for the new line, shape, or text will appear. Click on the Done button in the lower right of that Form.

Your line, shape, or text will then appear on the map and in the Activity Feed on the left. If you want to edit anything about it, see this article about its Form. If you run into any issues or have any questions, please reach out to us at

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